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Jennifer Reuting Jennifer Reuting, Founder & CEO Jennifer Reuting, Founder & CEO

Before DocRun was founded, entrepreneurial business guru, Jennifer Reuting, had built two leading companies from the ground up: Incorp, one of the top three national registered agent companies for businesses; and MyLLC.com, which provides low cost formation services and education for small businesses.

Later, while authoring the first edition of LLC’s for Dummies, Jennifer saw a need to help new companies get structured properly without the heavy burden of enormous legal costs commonly required. Jennifer noticed that once a business is started, the new owners were suddenly out there in the ring alone. Legal costs and liabilities were the hunters and fresh, new businesses were their prey.

Newly formed companies need to write a detailed Operating Agreement, hire employees, cover major game-ending risks, and pay an expensive lawyer to do it? Yet they still needed money and resources to do business. Jennifer knew those rules HAD to change. That is when she created DocRun. Pushing the envelope of technology, this artificial intelligence solution helps in defining and executing the myriad legal documents required for structuring and operating your small business. Thus, putting the law back in the hands of the people. DocRun is Complex documents. Simplified.

Investors & Advisors

Michael Hirshland Michael Hirshland
Founder of Resolute.vc

a seed stage venture capital firm. He’s a General Partner at Polaris Venture Partners, cofounded The Start Project, and serves on the board of a number of Polaris-backed companies, including Automattic, Quantcast, LOLApps, Thing Labs, Sprout and KISSMetrics.

Jeff Lapin Jeff Lapin
Former CEO of Starwood, Take-Two and Atari

Called the "turn-around CEO", he's built and ran billion dollar companies in a variety of industries.

Christopher Muenchhoff Christopher Muenchhoff
DealPilot.com Co-Founder

founded one of the first price search engines, in 1997 and and exited the business to Shopping.com in 2001. He has further experience working with many entrepreneurs, investors and young companies over the last fifteen years.

Don Dodge Don Dodge
Google Developer Advocate

helping developers build new applications on Google platforms and technologies. Prior he was a startup evangelist at Microsoft. Don is also a veteran of five start-ups including Forte Software, AltaVista, Napster, Bowstreet, and Groove Networks.

Jeremie Berrebi Jeremie Berrebi
Kima Ventures co-founder

Angel investor and Serial entrepreneur who co-founded Kima Ventures- investing in 1 or 2 startups a week. Not only described as the “Most Active Angel Investor in the World” by Silicon Alley Insider, but also part of the top 10 most influential technology investors in Europe for the Telegraph

David Cheng David Cheng
International Rescue Committee

Currently the Vice Chair of advisory council for the Northern California chapter of the International Rescue Committee and the California policy committee for Enviromental Entrepreneurs. Also building a site that will help small businesses identify better vendors. Previously worked in investment banking, venture capital, and ran the online research platform for the leading cleantech market research firm.

Who We Are...

As individuals, we’re artists. We’re innovators.
We’re entrepreneurs. But together, we’re one group,
focused on one goal: making quality legal documents
more accessible than ever before. We’re disrupting
the legal world, one document at a time. And we’re
having a kick-ass time while we’re doing it.
We’re DocRun.

Where We Are…

We’re located in Santa Monica, California on the beautiful 3rd Street Promenade. Our office is on the top floor, and we have a pool table. Or a ping-pong table. It can be either. Depends on who’s playing. Oh, and we’re one block from the Pacific Ocean (the big blue thing on our left).

But we’re not here just for the pretty view. We’re located here because we want to work in the epicenter of the burgeoning Silicon Beach tech scene. We’re here because we thrive in the exciting, innovative environment. And we’re here because we love the LA startup community and want to contribute to its continued success.

Who You Are…

You’re a wicked smart, hard-working bad ass that is always interested in learning. You’re a person who has great ideas and isn’t afraid to work hard to implement them. You want to see things done right, not just done. You’re a person who understands your own limitations and works diligently to always improve yourself. You’re smart, you like other smart people, and more than anything you understand that smart people don’t just work alongside one another. They work together.

If this is you, maybe you’re a future DocRunner. Even if you don’t jibe exactly with a specific position listed on the right, send us your goods anyways. We’re always looking for quality people like you.

Oh, and you should like dogs. We certainly do.

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Like it or not,

you often need quality legal documents.

Operating agreements. Non-competition agreements. A contract to make sure nobody tries to jet off to Tahiti with the office lotto pool winnings. There are literally thousands of documents you might need at any given time to protect your interests.

But quality legal documents have always been almost impossible to create without a lawyer. Lawyers that unfortunately cost a bundle.

DocRun changes that.

With DocRun, all you have to do is answer a few simple questions. Then DocRun’s software uses the answers you give to create a high-quality legal document to your exact specifications, at a fraction of the cost of a lawyer.

Unlike other websites, DocRun’s documents are never made from a clunky template. Our sophisticated AI molds them exactly to your unique needs.

And they’ll work wherever you are. The top-tier lawyers behind DocRun’s software have accounted for the unique laws of all 50 states, ensuring the documents work exactly as they should.

Finally, we make sure you understand your own document, by explaining every portion in clear, easy-to-understand language. In short, we’ve unlocked the legal world for you.

Because that’s what DocRun is:

Complex documents. Simplified.

Based in Denver, CO, DocRun was founded by Jennifer Reuting.

Jennifer is the author of Limited Liability Companies for Dummies, founder of inCorp and MyLLC.com, and current fluffy dog owner.