DocRun is now in private beta.
Get CUSTOMIZED Legal Protection
You won't find generic fill-in-the-blank forms here. Our adapative software produces one-of-kind documents perfect for your unique situation.
Get Compatible with State Law
Having a document that doesn't comply with your state's specific laws can be dangerous! Our software seamlessly integrates the unique laws of your state into your document.
Receive Attorney-Level Documents
We mimic the attorney process, where the answers you give determine what you'll be asked next. The result? A service that constantly evolves to fit your needs.
Access DocRun Anywhere
You never know when you might need your legal documents. We make them easily accessible anywhere from your computure or laptop.
Keep Legal Info Safe & Secure
We not only store your contracts online safely and securely, but also give you complete control over who has access to them, and when.
Collaborate with Ease
No more endless drafts of one document, no more trying to keep track of ongoing negotiations. Our sharing and collaboration feature makes organizing group work at a snap.
Record Your Ideas
Make comments and notes on your agreements, so you can save and discuss specific ideas for yourself or with the people you share your documents with.
Bust the Lawyer Monopoly & Save
Leave lawyers to the negotiations and the time-consuming document drafting to us. We've empowered YOU to create your own quality legal documents for a fraction of the cost.
Document Every Step
Our Software allows you to save different versions of your contract as it evolves, so you can see the changes that have been made over time and track your progress.
Avoid Hefty Storage Fees
Data storge companies can potentially charge thousands of dollars to scan and store your documents online. We catalogue them immediately for FREE.
Organize Your Legal Life
We don't just create your documents - we manage and organize them too! And we'll send you friendly reminders and helpful to-do checklists to keep you on top of everything.
Get Hands-On with Your Document
Our revolutionary approach allows you to edit documents yourself as you create them. No waiting on a lawyer - you can take charge of tweaking your documents yourself.
Built for Small Businesses
and Entrepreneurs.